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Discreet cocktails in a secret Soho speakeasy

The Experimental Cocktail Club is a secret cocktail bar tucked away among the hustle & bustle of Soho's China Town.

What's it all about?
Behind the unsuspecting door of a townhouse on Soho's Gerard Street, you'll find one of the most elegantly decorated cocktail bars in London.
You might spend a little time trying to work out where this place is. I've been there about three times and still takes me a while to figure out where it is. There's no sign and the only way to tell you've found the right place is a guy standing outside an unmarked door sometimes with a clipboard.
Best described as a 'decadent Speakeasy', once you're in, you'll get the feeling of being part of a secret drinking society. Up a narrow stair case leads you to a cool venue, unique decor, with an equally cool crowd.
How much do they cost & how do I book?
Most of the cocktails cost in the region of £11 to £20.
Definitely worth a visit if you want to tantalise your tastebuds in a chilled & trendy location with a great selection of not-so-typical cocktail fusions.
It's worth booking in advance. Even though it's underground, it's really popular! For more info & to book click here.
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