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Introducing Chicken Town..

Chicken Town is bringing healthy competition to the chicken shops in Tottenham Green. It's fried chicken, with a twist.

What's it all about?

Everyone is talking about Chicken Town. It's opened in the unique setting of Tottenham's Old Fire Station. It’s the latest chicken shop to open in Tottenham but this one offers fried chicken, with a twist. Their chicken is free range, steamed, then flash fried rather than deep fried.

The steaming makes the chicken more tender, mouthwatering and succulent. The food is seasonal so they offer a diverse, ever-changing choice of sides. Here are some of the sides available when I went the other day:

  • baked sweet potato wedges
  • jerusalem - chokes
  • hot chips – with cheese sauce and pickled jalapenos

Hot chips with cheese sauce are particularly popular, they’d run out by the time I was there so best get there before peak times on Fridays and Saturdays (They’re closed on Sunday).

They also have a choice of artisan beers including the locally brewed Bevertown. You can find the menu and other details here.

If you do go, you should swing by the The Beehive pub for a few drinks before. It’s behind the main high street, off the beaten track, about 10 minutes from Chicken Town. The interior resembles a gastro pub in Stoke Newington, it’s got a big beer garden with lots of heaters and some sofas, as well a nice selection of locally brewed ales and beers. 

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